Moving Forward: Pursuing Future Leadership

Transition Team has been committed to praying for our church. We have also been discerning what next steps are for us, as a faith community. We continue to affirm the church’s vision statement and core values as excellent foundations to build on.

We also notice the evident tensions of what was (past), what is (present), and what is to come (future). We have been working on paying attention to what God is saying to us in this time, what He is doing in us, and where He is asking us to let go so we can continue to move forward with Him on mission.

As we continued to pray and discern, we also became increasingly aware of some leadership vacancies in our context. Transition Team began to work on next steps to meet our leadership needs, in close collaboration with Church Board.

Using our vision statement and our core values as foundations, we identified leadership needs in the areas of worship, faith community life, our missional life, and our children/youth. Though all these areas need important attention, our priority is to focus on finding leadership for the area of worship and in the area of children/youth. Discipleship and investment in tomorrow’s church is important as we move forward in these identified areas.

It is with great excitement that we will begin to focus on filling these leadership vacancies. We will use a staffing discernment team that will be made up of Church Board members and church community members at large, to begin the work of hiring both a half-time Worship Coordinator and a half-time Children/Youth Coordinator. We are not looking for additional pastoral leadership, but rather specific leadership that is focused in these particular areas of ministry.

Hiring individuals in these particular areas of ministry, will release them to be more focused on the vision, values, and tasks of that ministry alone. Moving forward in this way will simplify the process, and allow us to invest in these ministry areas faster.

The Transition Team and Church Board are developing job descriptions for a Worship Coordinator and a Children/Youth Coordinator. In addition, we have uniquely identified four leadership traits and five qualities of leadership that we are looking for in all of our future leadership.

We are looking to identify the following four leadership traits in future leadership.

  1. A sense of clarity in their call.
  2. Intentional communication with leadership and church community.
  3. Creative with resources, ideas, growth, and vision.
  4. Models consistency throughout their ministry tasks, as well as with our church’s vision and values.

We are also looking to identify these five qualities of leadership in future leadership.

  1. Character: Evidence of personal, spiritual, missional, and emotional life and health.
  2. Chemistry: Exhibits healthy relationships with other leadership.
  3. Capacity: A mature individual who is invested in the tasks at hand, but also allows leadership to speak into their life and work.
  4. Calling: Clearly called to this work, at this time.
  5. Competency: Individuals who are confident in their ability, but also are continually pursuing and developing new skills.

We invite you to continue to pray for church leadership. Also, pray for God’s leading and open doors in these search processes. Lastly, we invite you to share these new opportunities with those that you know, who may be gifted in these areas of ministry.

Thank you for your continued commitment to the life of the church. God is doing some exciting things and we are looking forward to see what He has planned for us.

With our blessings,

Transition Team
Keith Blank (Bishop)
Jeff McLain (Lead Pastor)
Grace Erb (Chair of Board)
Katrina Shenk (Worship Coordinator)

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