Four Traits and Five Qualities of Future Leadership

East Petersburg Mennonite Church is looking for future leadership that will demonstrate the following four traits and five qualities we have identified for future leadership. This applies to all listings in our open positions page.

We are looking for the following four leadership traits.

1. A sense of clarity in their call.
2. Intentional communication with leadership and church community.
3. Creative with resources, ideas, growth, and vision.
4. Models consistency throughout their ministry tasks, as well as with our church’s vision and values.

We are also looking to identify these five qualities of leadership in future leadership.

A. Character: Evidence of personal, spiritual, missional, and emotional life and health.
B. Chemistry: Exhibits healthy relationships with other leadership.
C. Capacity: A mature individual who is invested in the tasks at hand, but also allows leadership to speak into their life and work.
D. Calling: Clearly called to this work, at this time.
E. Competency: Individuals who are confident in their ability, but also are continually pursuing and developing new skills.