Shipwrecked Series: Catching Up!

For the past few weeks, we have been exploring SHIPWRECKED, a five-week Sunday morning series at East Petersburg Mennonite Church.

SHIPWRECKED follows Paul’s seafaring journey as a sentenced prisoner in chains. Paul’s seafaring journey teaches us to faithfully depend on God and stay-the-mission, even in the moments we feel bound by our circumstances.

You can learn more about our series on our previous post.

In this post, we want to give you the ability to catch up with where our series is at! You will always find our previous sermon messages available through an RSS feed reader, Google Play Music and iTunes. You can view our full archive since 2014, on BuzzSprout.

In our first week, Pastor Jeff gave us an introduction into Paul’s story. He analyzed how Paul responded as a prisoner in chains to the circumstances he was seemingly a bound prisoner too.  We explored Acts 27:1-12.

In Our second week, Pastor Jeff followed Paul’s story as the ship he was on, traversed into stormy seas. He analyzed how too often, even seasoned sailors can leap before discerning. In this story, Paul proves discernment is a fruit of deep anchoring in dependency on God. We explored Acts 27:13-26.

You can also catch both of these sermon messages on our YouTube Channel.

Our most recent sermon message video, Anchored, can be viewed right here in this post. Just click play below.