A Word from Our Pastor

I love the power of a good story. However, it’s not just me. I believe many of us enjoy a good story. It’s why we so often will find ourselves lost in; a good book, a television show, rewatching a favorite movie or in a Netflix binge.

In addition to most of us loving a good story, we also share the fact that we live lives that tell our story. Each of our story has it’s own adventures. They say that a good story always has five elements; Character Development, Setting of the Story, an underlying Plot, an oppressive Conflict, and a consistent Theme. How that gets put into a story is often with a beginning situation that meets rising action. As the plot thickens with complications it reaches an alarming climax in which it’s fallout eventually lands in some aspect of a resolution. God’s story, as recorded throughout history in the Bible, is one of the greatest stories.  It has all the elements of a great story, and ends with a powerful resolution. It continues to intrigue me with new layers, even years after studying it. Learning to live into God’s story is one of the greatest adventures. As Lead Pastor at East Petersburg Mennonite Church, I love walking with others to learn and live into the story of God.

Though I am the Lead Pastor at East Petersburg Mennonite Church, this isn’t where I once would have suspected that my story would go. I wasn’t eyeing up pastoring, and I wasn’t even Mennonite. I had a totally different assumption to my story. I look forward to sharing that with you, and more importantly I am excited to get to know you and your story.